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  • Thika Arcade building, Kenyatta highway

Prime 1/8 acre plots along Garissa highway at Maguguni area.About 500 meters from the highway,on red soil,ready free hold title deeds.
Good access and neighborhood.
Water and electricity in place, ksh. 600,000 each (best price in the market).

I have a prime flat 100 acres in Makuyu very ideal for sub division.
Its 5km from Thika road and on red soil.
Price is  Ksh. 1.7m per acre.

A well located 100 acres available in Makuyu, 7.5km off Thika road,on red soil and touching a major river,free hold title,Ksh. 1.2m per acre.

Positioned about 700 meters from Thika - Garissa highway is a 1/4 acre industrial plot.
With a perimeter wall and gated and fronting an all-weather road.
With a ready title,ksh 3.8m

A prime flat 40 by 80 feet residential plot in Thika section,viewland estate,with title,between two developed plots,ksh. 5m

Set at about 5km off Thika road, 60 acres land in Kabati touching tarmac,with title,ideal for sub division ksh. 3m
per acre

Touching Thika - Nyeri road are, 54 acres land in Makuyu,with title,ideal for sub division ksh. 2.8m per acre

A prime plot in Landless estate Thika,fifth from Garissa highway,on marrum soil,with title Ksh. 4.5m

A prime 2 acres commercial land touching the Ruiru (Eastern) bypass,major developments ongoing in the vicinity, Ksh. 28m per acre

A prime commercial plot in Thika,Section 9 estate near Thika nursing home hospital,fronting tarmac,Ksh 25m also 1/4 acre touching tarmac opposite Tuskys Thika ksh. 200m

Prime 75 by 100 feet in Golf view estate,ideal for a residential setup,accessed on the Bendor side,on flat red soil,with title, ksh 2.5m

A well set 3 acres in Makongeni estate Thika,on flat level ground,has a perimeter wall fence.Ideal for a commercial premises.Price Ksh. 90m for whole parcel.

Convenient flat 5 acres touching the Thika - Garissa highway,available water and electricity in the land,ready title, ksh 3.5m per acre

A strategically located 1/4 acre in Kenol touching tarmac near Oil libya ksh 6m

Set on a flat ground is a 7 acres along the Thika - Garissa highway and 700 meters from tarmac,ready title, ksh 5m per acre

Well located 1/2 acre plots along Thika-Garissa highway ,next to ICT college, on flat marrum soil,served by water and electricity,have ready individual title deeds,Ksh.6.5 each

Positioned 3.5km from the Thika-Garissa highway are 5 residential plots of 1/8 acre each,on flat marrum soil,served by water and electricity,have ready individual title deeds,Ksh. 350,000 each

Positioned next to Garissa highway is a commercial 1 acre in Maguguni,on red soil,with title Ksh 5m

A well located 1/2 acre in the posh Riverside estate Thika, sitting on flat red soil,ready documents,Ksh 16m

A prime commercial plot in Thika,70 by 110 feet,along former Castle breweries road,on red soil,next to a sewer line,Ksh. 5.2m

1.25 acres in Kenol town ideal for sub division,about 2km off Thika road,with title,Ksh. 2.3m

Strategically located 1/2 acres in Ruiru along Githunguri road,exceptional residential plots with great commercial development potential,semi-serviced plots (10) with available titles, in upcoming residential area with real potential of significant capital appreciation, ksh 8m each

Prime 40 by 80 feet plots along Garissa highway and 3km off tarmac,with title, Ksh. 470,000

Prime residential plot in Thika,1/4 acre,Jumapili estate next to Ngoingwa estate,about 2km from Thika superhighway,with title,Ksh 3m

Prime residential plots in Kabati,about 100 meters from tarmac,on red soil,with freehold title, ksh 650,000

Well located 12 acres industrial land in Thika,about 6km from Thika cbd,with title, ksh 8m per acre

Prime 2.5 acres industrial land touching tarmac,opposite Bidco oil Thika,ready documents Ksh. 50m per acre o.n.o

Set on a 1 acre is a flat commercial land on marrum soil,on the second row from Garissa highway near Bidco oil Thika,ready documents ksh. 35m

A flat 1/4 acre commercial plot in Thika,about 1km off Garissa highway,potential for development of apartments,godowns/factory, with title,Ksh 5.5m

A prime commercial plot in Ruiru,40 by 80 to Equity bank Ruiru,with ready title Ksh 16m

A commercial 1/8 acre plot in Thika,about 500 meters off the busy Garissa highway,on red flat soil,perfect location for residential flats,approved by relevant authorities with sewer and water and electricity connections within reach,with title, Ksh 3.5m

Over 12000 sq ft godowns up for sale,on a 3/4 acre,well fenced,fronting highway ksh 65m

Over 17000 sq ft godown in Thika,on 1 acre,parking space,security,accessible,fronting tarmac,in a busy area,ksh 75m

A well located 60 by 120 feet plot along the Northern bypass,on the 2nd row,with a ready title deed,price Ksh. 4.2m

A prime 1/8 acre plot in YMCA area,with a ready title deed,very ideal for flats, ksh. 5.5m

Well located 22 acres flat land,1 km from Juja farm road,opposite Kenya bankers land,with a ready title deed,price Ksh 5m per acre.

1.5 acres in Kenol town,Thika very ideal for sub division,with title,Ksh 2m

A well located agricultural land in Thika,Ngoliba, 7.5 acres,with title, ksh. 2.5m per acre

Prime 2 acres touching Thika - Garissa highway in Ngoliba, on flat red soil, with title, ksh. 6.5m

Flat 1/8 acre commercial plot along Thika - Garissa road, near Cravers Inn, with title, ideal for rentals,price ksh. 4m

A 50 by 80 feet in Thika,Ngoingwa estate,on red soil,with title,next to water and electricity from the mains,good neighborhood,at ksh. 2.8m

40 by 80 feet residential plots in Kenol, about 2km off Thika road,opposite St.Michael school, ksh 700,000

A prime 60 by 100 feet plot behind Thika Tuskys supermarket,very ideal for a commercial setup,ready title,ksh 30m

A residential plot 75 by 100 feet in Thika golf view estate,on red soil,on an elevated area,near neighbors,water and electricity line,access through a wide all-weather road,with title, ksh. 2m

A residential plot in Thika, 75 by 100 feet in Thika golf view estate,on red soil,on an elevated area,near neighbors,water and electricity line,access through an all-weather road,with title,Ksh. 2.5m

100 acres in Thika, touching the Thika-Mang'u road,next to Ngoingwa estate,flat very ideal for development, ksh. 12m per acre

Excellently located 2 commercial plots in Thika,near Bidco oil refineries,40 by 80 feet in size,very ideal for rentals,with ready title,price ksh. 5m each

A prime 10 acres in Kabati,about 7km off Thika road, land next to a permanent water dam,excellent land for farming or residential setup,Ksh. 1m per acre

1/4 acre along the Thika-Garissa road on the second row,flat land very ideal for a commercial development,with a ready title deed, ksh. 2m

rime flat 54 acres in Makuyu touching the Thika tarmac,very ideal for an institution,ksh 2.5m per acre

12 commercial plots in Juja farm,1/8 acre each,opposite Juja south estate,about 3km from Thika super highway,on flat terrain,ksh. 2.5m each

63 by 134 feet residential plot in Kiganjo estate,Thika in Muthaiga area, asking price Ksh.1.5m

A 50 by 100 feet plot (1/8 acre) in Bulleys estate, Thika,on red soil and developed area,good access road,water and electricity nearby, with title, ksh. 6m

Good location,2 acres available in Makuyu,about 500 meters from tarmac,on red soil,with a free hold title, Ksh. 4m

A commercial 1/4 acre in Landless estate,second row from Thika - Garissa highway,with a ready title deed,on marrum soil,close proximity to tarmac,just behind Gem hotel,water and electricity from the mains,calling price Ksh  4.5m

plots in golf view (Githingiri) estate,a residential plot,75 by 100 feet,on red soil,close proximity to tarmac,water and electricity from the mains,calling price Ksh 3.5M

Primly located 1/8 acre residential plot in Kabati town, on level red soil with good access,good neighborhood,touching tarmac,water and electricity from the mains available,with a r
eady title deed,price ksh. 1m